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1. What is Step Into My Sole?

STEP INTO MY SOLE is a nonprofit foundation composed of people from all walks of life donating running shoes to the less fortunate. We are looking for individuals from all backgrounds to donate and share their story in turn we'll donate the shoes to those in need and document their life. Every SOLE

has a story. Every shoe has a SOUL.

2. Will my information be shared to the public?

No. Each individuals personal information and story will be held to the highest of privacy. Your information will not be shared or made public in any way or form.


3. What type of shoes can be donated?

We are accepting running shoes for men, women and children, all sizes.


4. Where do I send or ship the shoes?

Shoes can be sent or shipped to STEP INTO MY SOLE FOUNDATION Inc.:

PO BOX 2993

Dublin, CA 94568


5. Do I need to include my story with the shoes I am sending?

If possible please include your story and a little about yourself. What struggles, fears, tragic

endeavors, a joyful event or an accomplishment have you faced in life? Feel free to include pictures if you want to. If you wish not to share we respect your decision.

6. Where will my shoes be shipped?

Your shoes will be shipped national and international to individuals that need them.

We will track where the shoes are going and document not only the person that donate the shoe but the person that receives the donated shoes as well.


7. If I need shoes how can I contact you?

You can contact us at and send us your information and story. We will contact you as soon as possible. Also contact us at Facebook page STEP INTO MY SOLE FOUNDATION and Twitter @stepintomysole.


8. Will you track where the shoes are coming from?

Yes the shoes will be tracked from where they are coming from and documented.


9. Will you track where the shoes are going?

Yes the shoes will be tracked and documented to the person they are sent.


10. How is your foundation different from others?

There are many foundations that one can drop or donate their reusable running shoes. What makes us different is that we will document and track each running shoe that is being donated and being

shipped out. Each shoe has a story and we want to give these shoes and stories life for each is important.

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