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What is the story behind a person's sole? Some say that our shoes are a part of our SOUL, an intricate part of our being. We all have a story to share. A joyous event, a tragic experience, a life changing endeavor that makes us who we are today. We often find comfort telling our story to a stranger for they will not judge our past, or present nor our future.

We all inspire to achieve greatness, even in times or darkness when we've hit rock bottom and life seems difficult, there is a glimpse of hope and we hold on to.

I am a testament that if you truly believe in your dreams, have hope, faith, anything is possible. ANYTHING!

I believe we are all connected to one another in a spiritual way. Catastrophes exist all over the world and whether it affects us or not, we help each other in times of crisis. I hope STEP INTO MY SOLE FOUNDATION will encourage individuals from all ways of life to donate their reusable running shoes, give hope and a new beginning to someone's life.

Along this journey, I've been fortuate to have crossed paths with many beautiful SOULS that have shared their life with me. I am honored to call them my friends and tell their stories. Their stories need to be told to not only bring awareness, educate but to provide hope for a better future.

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